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WMS Guided Reading Room - Our Guided Reading Room, located in the small room off the main library, offers a wide selection of books sets to be used for your classroom. The Google doc document (Guided Reading List - Alphabetical) has been revised so that you can see what is now available. As before, you can take the books you want to use, making sure to sign them out in the green binder on the new sign out form. When you return the books, simply place them in the blue box located in the room next to the book return. Someone else will check the books back in and re-shelve them.
Note: If you are looking for a particular author or lexile, you can sort columns B (Author) and C (Lexile) to view them that way. Hard copies by Author and Lexile are also in the green binder.

WMS Professional Resources - A google doc has been created which lists Professional Development Resources that were previously located and the Guided Reading Room. As we were short on space, these books were relocated to the Main library Professional section and are available for you to borrow. These resources can be signed out in the green binder in the Guided Reading Room as well.

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WMS Staff Library - The Staff Library is also located in the same room as the Guided Reading Room. This is a collection of both fiction and nonfiction titles that you may want to check out for your own reading enjoyment. You can do easy self check outs of these books by writing your name and the date on the card tucked inside the book and dropping it in the nearby small, brown box. When returning, just drop it in the library book drop.