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Greetings from the library, September, 2017!

Staff, here are a few things we wanted to share with you:

1. The library belongs to you and your students. You and your students can recommend materials for purchase. Please let us know if there is something you would like us to order.

2. Planning ahead is helpful. We will do our best to get resources to you as quickly as we can. The more time you can give us, the better.

3. The library is available to you on the following days and times: Periods 1-5 on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, On Tuesdays, we are open periods 1-6. You and your students are welcome to visit as a class to check out books or do class research. If you do want to visit as a class, please let us know ahead of time so that we can book your class and gather resources for your students in advance. Individuals and small groups of students may visit for book check outs during their grade’s intervention time and must have a pass to the library. If a student has a conflict during his/her own grade’s intervention time, he/she may visit during one of the other intervention times.

4. Staff can check out resources even when we are not here. On the circulation desk is a clipboard labeled Staff Check-Outs. Fill in your name and the date on the chart, the title of the book, and the 6 digit bar code number that is located on the back of the book in the upper right hand corner.

5. The best resource in the library is the librarians. We are here to collaborate with you. We can help plan a project, co-teach a lesson, and find professional resources.

6. We can also provide materials through inter library loan for upcoming units or lessons.The Walker Library is a great resource. We have a school library card, and we can borrow most anything you need. Additionally, library cards are free for Westbrook staff and students.

7. The library can help meet your student’s reading needs. We do our best to keep your students “hooked on reading” by recommending reading material that is appropriate for them.

Hope to see you soon!
Trish and Sharon

P.S. Be sure to check out our Guided Reading, Professional Resources, and Staff Library information below:

guided reading room photo.JPGbook return photo.JPG
WMS Guided Reading Room - Our Guided Reading Room, located in the small room off the main library, offers a wide selection of books sets to be used for your classroom. The Google doc document (Guided Reading List - Alphabetical) has been revised so that you can see what is now available. As before, you can take the books you want to use, making sure to sign them out in the green binder on the new sign out form. When you return the books, simply place them in the blue box located in the room next to the book return. Someone else will check the books back in and re-shelve them.
Note: If you are looking for a particular author or lexile, you can sort columns B (Author) and C (Lexile) to view them that way. Hard copies by Author and Lexile are also in the green binder.

WMS Professional Resources - A google doc has been created which lists Professional Development Resources that were previously located and the Guided Reading Room. As we were short on space, these books were relocated to the Main library Professional section and are available for you to borrow. These resources can be signed out in the green binder in the Guided Reading Room as well.

staff libary photo.JPG
WMS Staff Library - The Staff Library is also located in the same room as the Guided Reading Room. This is a collection of both fiction and nonfiction titles that you may want to check out for your own reading enjoyment. You can do easy self check outs of these books by writing your name and the date on the card tucked inside the book and dropping it in the nearby small, brown box. When returning, just drop it in the library book drop.